Copper Chef Reviews How to Rid Your Kitchen of Fruit Flies

There is absolutely nothing worse than going to grab a piece of fruit and being met with a swarm of fruit flies rising from the bowl. Now, you’ve dropped the piece of fruit in frustration and have started swatting frantically at the sky. Maybe if you’re a professional fruit fly killer, you’ve mastered the timing of the hand clap method. Nevertheless, fruit flies are frustrating and must be eradicated immediately.

Unfortunately, flies of any sort are practically unavoidable in homes. This is particularly true for warmer parts of the year and the country. However, there are three ways to remedy the problem, which Copper Chef reviews in detail.

Method One: Light Traps
The same way that you are attracted to lights and shiny objects, so are flies. Flies are lured into the trap by the appeal of the light. From there, they are either electrocuted by the light or stuck on a glue board that is inside the light trap. Zapping bugs may sound a little rough, but it is extremely effective in ridding your home with bugs.
With light traps; however, you do want to make sure that they are not near windows nor visible from the outside. This is to ensure that new flies are not drawn into the home, thus becoming a never-ending cycle of flies.

Method Two: Fly Tape/Paper
Things can get a little sticky with this trick that Copper Chef. Fly tape and fly paper simply is another effective way of ridding your home of flies. Fly tape and fly paper work exceptionally well on catching large groups of flies across a number of sizes and species. With the fly tape and fly paper, you’ll want to roll it out and hang it up in areas where flies typically tend to congregate in your home.The exception to this is if flies congregate near where you eat or prepare food. You don’t want to risk attracting more flies near the food or even worse, the fly carcasses falling into your prep/eating area.

Method Three: Vinegar or Wine
There’s a reason you see fruit flies mingling around fruit products. This is because the flies are attracted to the fermentation of fruit products. As the fruit begins to age, the more attractive it becomes to fruit flies. For a home remedy, try using wine or apple cider vinegar as a DIY and inexpensive fly trap. Chances are you already have one of these items in your home. You can make a number of traps using just these two ingredients.You can pour either liquid into a small container and cover with plastic wrap held in place by a rubber band. Create small holes in the plastic that are small enough for flies to get into. They will be attracted by the smell and unable to escape.

Flies are pesky and right up there with mosquitos on the list of things we could completely do without in life. But nevertheless, they are a part of life and we have to learn how to deal with them. That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate them in our kitchens. As Copper Chef reviews, these are just a few simple tips to help restore order back into your kitchen, sans flies.

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