A Copper Chef Review of the Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

From carpet to hardwood and pastel purple to beige, the kitchen has seen its fair share of changes and trends throughout the years. This year is no different. If you’re looking for to redesign or remodel your kitchen this year, here are few trends you can take advantage of.  Let’s take a look at a Copper Chef review of kitchen trends we can expect to see in 2018.

2018 is the year of color, but not just any colors. We’re not channeling the crazy kitchen colors that our parents subjected us to in our youth. Instead, this year is all about finding neutral, cool tones that bring out the clean lines and modern appearance of the kitchen. One color in particular has the caught the eye of many interior designers for this year, and that is anything with a gray undertone. It’s a nice departure from the seemingly boring white, black, and beige colors that kitchens all are still utilizing. Even if you choose to do a white or beige, adding a gray undertone can really set the room apart. It adds levels of sophistication that the space may other have been missing.

Keeping with the theme of colors, cabinet colors are also experiencing a change this year. Instead of the regular one- colored cabinet, we’re now looking at a cool two-tone cabinet to add a little more design to the space. This is an excellent way to add a pop of color without overdoing it or spending a ton of money on wall paint. Using two-tone cabinets allows you the opportunity to really play with textures too.

2018 is all about incorporating metals into your kitchen. Depending the type of metal you choose, this can determine the look and feel of your kitchen. To create a warm and inviting space, copper is the metal of choice. Whether it’s copper sheeting over the hood or copper pots and pans as your focal decoration, metal is the finishing touch any kitchen needs this year.

In addition to metal, wood is also a big seller in kitchens this year, particularly big blocks of cypress. The “reclaimed wood” style of design has been used in rooms all throughout the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Now, it has finally made its way into the kitchen, creating a more sophisticated version of the farmhouse look that many are after.

As we take a look ahead at the design trends from the Copper Chef review, it appears that 2018 is shaping up to be a good year. What designs and trends are you going to incorporate into your kitchen this year?

Creating the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams with Ideas Inspired by Copper Chef

There’s just something special about the charming style of a farmhouse kitchen. From the stark white or soothing eggshell to the beauty that comes with natural wood, the mixture of classic and vintage brings to life a picturesque fresh space. It’s fitting that one would choose to style their kitchen with such warm, classic touches. The farmhouse kitchen style evokes feelings of simpler, happier times where family was the center of our daily lives. With that in mind, it would only make sense why you would want to choose such an inviting theme for your kitchen.

Whether you’re building your home from the ground up or simply remodeling your already existing kitchen space, making a farmhouse styled kitchen space is easy. Copper Chef reviews a few ways to make this possible.

Traditional Flooring
There are two options that Copper Chef reviews when it comes to choosing your flooring. The classic approach to a farmhouse kitchen is the simple wood flooring. You can’t lose with a gorgeous hardwood floor, typically darker than your cabinets. However, your other option is a black and white checkered linoleum tile which is also just as traditional farmhouse as the wood.

Open Shelving
One of the subtle, yet highly appreciated key features in a farmhouse kitchen is the organization and accessibility of cooking items. You’ll typically see wall-mounted shelving and cabinets without doors. It creates a very open style and allows you to use you’re your own pots and pans as decoration.

Old-Fashioned Range
You’re either in the kitchen to cook or to eat, but both require appliances. Designing the actual cabinets and flooring for a farmhouse style kitchen would be nothing without the right appliances to match. That includes the range. Opt for a vintage model stove, equipped with the full-sized range and pipe stack to complete the look.

Vintage Accents
When you’ve finally completed the heavy duty design work on your kitchen; it’s time to pull it all together with the finishing touches. Incorporate vintage accent pieces to really jazz up your kitchen design. Feel free to incorporate period pieces such as copper pots, pottery, lighting and much more. The goal is to create a kitchen that feels as inviting as it does nostalgic.

There are other elements that you can incorporate into the design, including the oversized table that really emphasizes the importance of family or even the farmhouse sink, to help pull it all together.  If you’re looking for designs and tips, stay posted with all that Copper Chef reviews.


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